Lucelma Prudêncio

Social media management

Lucelma Prudêncio

Lucelma Prudêncio is a Brazilian professional massage therapist, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of her clients through different and varied massage therapy techniques.
With years of experience in her field, Lucelma wanted to take her message of care and professionalism to a wider audience via social media, and so she hired me.

Presentación Celma
Presentación Celma

Logo and color palette

For this project, I started by creating a distinctive logo and a color palette that captures Lucelma’s essence: serenity, professionalism and warmth. These visual elements are the basis of a coherent and attractive identity that is reflected in all the publications.

Logo Lucelma
Tipografias Celma
Colores Celma

Social media strategy

My approach focused on developing a comprehensive strategy that encompassed several crucial aspects:

  • Content planning: I developed a detailed editorial calendar that includes regular and carefully planned posts. Each post was designed to resonate with Lucelma’s audience, aligning with their goals and values. The idea is to provide content that not only informs, but also educates and adds value to the community.
  • Publication design: I graphically designed publications that are visually appealing and professionally polished. Each image and message reflects the essence of Lucelma and its commitment to the well-being of its clients. I used the color palette and logo to ensure a consistent and memorable brand image.
  • Interaction with the community: I managed comments and messages on social media, encouraging genuine and close interaction with followers. This approach helped to create a strong and loyal community in which every follower feels valued and heard.
Instagram Celma

Graphic design

Each image in this portfolio shows examples of the publications created, all designed to attract attention and effectively communicate Lucelma Prudencio’s services.

The main objective was to create a social media presence that would not only inform about her services, but also inspire confidence and highlight her professionalism.

Tabela Valores
Protocolo Turbo Detox
Notebook Celma
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