I am

Miguel Díaz

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am a graphic designer and photographer.
I help entrepreneurs to launch their brand in a creative, aesthetic and productive way.

I will put at your disposal not only my knowledge, but also my honesty, trust, professionalism and creativity.

Miguel Díaz

Miguel Díaz

Since my childhood I showed a creative side, through drawings, or creating “miniatures” to play with….

I was very observant and thirsty for learning.

Applying in a self-taught, patient and meticulous way, everything I was “observing”.


More than just a hobby!

Photography in my life has a lot to do with that state of “observation”, in silence, which has identified me so much since I was a child. And added to a bit of creativity, I try to get the best “click”.

It is more than a hobby!

Since then I do a meticulous work of post production, in order to deliver a quality result.

Nowadays, I live in a city that is highly inspiring for an observer and nature lover like me!

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My History in Graphic Design

Studies and training

I have been working in the graphic field for more than 25 years!

The creative side that accompanied me since I was a child, led me to study in a school with that artistic orientation. I finished my studies in 1992, as a “Technician in Advertising Communications”.

Then, in 1993, I started my career, working in a graphic design, 3D animation, pre-press and programming studio.

Where I began to use all kinds of programs and tools related to Graphic Design and photography, which still exist today.

At the same time, I took courses in photography, colorimetry, web site design, etc. And I was acquiring my own equipment (Mac, PC, laser printer, etc), which allowed me to work as a freelance.

I also worked in a publishing house, designing artwork for books (in both PC and MAC formats).

Shortly after, I started working in a graphic design company, joining the design team, and then as the person in charge of the sector, maintaining direct contact with the clients, and with the production area in the printing line.

After 5 years working there, I moved to one of the most important graphic companies in Buenos Aires, known at that time as Autopack, until a few years later it merged with one of the largest graphic companies in Brazil, Baumgarten Gráfica (today, All4Labels) with headquarters in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

In that company I came to lead the pre-press area, together with the copy area (polymers) and the graphic development area, maintaining direct contact with customers.

To this day I keep myself updated, and training in courses and seminars oriented to graphic design, photography, video editing, digital marketing, web development based on CMS, etc..

The world is changing and so are the demands and tools, that’s why I consider important to keep myself at the forefront of these changes. And also, just like when I was a kid, my thirst for learning remains intact!

Nowadays I develop my work as a freelancer, both in personal projects and for other companies.

And as a good methodist and perfectionist that I am, I like to give the best of me, in each project, so that the client is not only happy with my work, but also feels proud to see the product of his dreams!

Would you like to work together? I would love to hear from you!


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