Miguel Díaz

graphic designer


Hello! I’m Mike, and I’m here to help you transform your ideas into unique designs that truly stand out.

On my website, you’ll find a showcase of my work, ranging from logos and banners to websites and social media content. These examples will show you the diversity and quality of what I can create for you.

Ready to give your business a fresh look?

Contact me, and together we’ll bring your projects to life.
Explore my portfolio and see what we can achieve together.
I’m excited to work with you and take your ideas to the next level!

Lucelma Prudêncio

Social media management
Presentación Celma


Brand and stationery design

El Paraíso (Argentine Film)

Graphic and web design

FS Entertainment

Visual Identity, Graphic Design and Web

De Bon Lait

Visual Identity, Graphic Design and Web

Patagonia 40&3

Graphic design
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